3 Signs that your Bathroom Floors Require Grout Restoration

Bathroom floors have the potential to really impress customers and visitors, but if they aren’t in top condition, they can really change a person’s impression of your facility. Here are just a few signs that mean your bathrooms need their grout to be restored.

#1 Hollow Grout Lines

Over time, grout lines in bathrooms can wear away, and eventually, you may find cracks and spaces between your tiles, where the grout used to be. When you see this, it is definitely time to have the grout restored, because, otherwise, dirt and waste will find its way into the floors, which will ultimately lead to nasty stains and smells, and poor bathroom conditions.

#2 Permanent Stains

          Grout Restoration      Bathroom floors are commonly subject to dirt and waste, and when these products are spilt onto the floor, they usually make their way down into the grout lines. Even if the floors are cleaned frequently, eventually the dirt will begin to stain the grout, which leads to discoloring. When this occurs, grout restoration is a must. If your facility’s bathroom floors have this kind of staining issues, it’s probably time to have the grout lines repaired.

#3 Permanent Smells

                Grout lines in need of restoration often can be indicated by the presence of unpleasant smells from the floors of your bathroom. When your tile and grout areas become dirty, over time the grout soaks up the grime from the floors, which leads to smells that cannot be removed through surface cleaning alone. This is one of the biggest signs that you need to have your bathroom floors restored.

Great looking bathroom floors have a huge impact on a customer’s opinion of your facility, which is why your bathroom tiles should be looking as perfect as possible. Hopefully now you should be equipped to decide if your bathroom floors require grout restoration, and if so, hit the blue link below, and we will give you a free consultation.