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Tile and Grout Restoration


Tile Grout Restoration for HealthcareEvery facility has this in common – restrooms that are an ongoing challenge to keep looking and smelling fresh and clean. Porous grout can capture stains and odors, preventing restroom floors from ever becoming completely clean. As stains develop, bacteria grow and cause unpleasant odors. This nasty situation can develop in kitchens, cafeterias and other areas with tile and grout floors as well.

Here at Finish Line Floors, our expert crews can transform your floors overnight! Just one call to us is all it takes to make your unsightly and smelly tile floors a thing of the past. Best of all, when we’re through with them, your floors will look even better than brand new and the results will last for years to come!
Tile Grout Restoration for GovernementIf you’re ready to experience complete tile and grout restoration, Finish Line Floors has the floor finishing solution for you. We offer a cost-effective floor finish that requires little to no maintenance and will keep your floors sparkling clean for the long haul. Our unique water-based coating will re-color, seal and rejuvenate existing grout joints – leaving your floors with a durable, lasting, easy to clean surface.

Comparatively, a project to replace an existing floor with new tile and grout can cost at least twice as much, require several days of downtime and will still become stained and dingy in no time at all.

If your tile floors could use a makeover, call us to arrange a brief consultation to take the first step toward better looking, better smelling and lower maintenance tile and grout floors.

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