How to Restore (or finish) Maintenance Free Flooring

For many years now flooring manufacturers have done a great job of developing flooring that provides a durable, low maintenance surface that looks great without the use of a high maintenance conventional acrylic wax finish.  Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury sheet vinyl categories have emerged.


Terms like ‘No Finish Floor’, ‘No Wax Floor’ and “Maintenance Free Floor” have become associated with these types of floors.  While common sense may have told us that no commercial floor can really be maintenance free unless it is also traffic free, after a few years in service we know what to expect.  These floor types provide an excellent low maintenance appearance that can last for years with proper care and cleaning.  But as we all know, nothing lasts forever.


So what do you do when your low maintenance flooring begins to show wear?

Here’s a photo of a ‘maintenance free’ floor in a medical clinic.  Clearly there is little or no shine and if you look closely you can see wear lines in the surface of the flooring.CDI_Floors__-_no_finish

An obvious option is to return to the process of applying conventional acrylic wax finishes.  But the high frequency and cost of ongoing maintenance is what you were trying to avoid in the first place.  And who wants to return to the ups and downs in the quality appearance of the floors that we get in between cycles of maintenance?

This photo is the same floor after finishing with a polyurethane floor finish.  In fact this photo was taken 28 months after the floor finish was applied.  Only routine cleaning has been done in this floor for the past 2 years and still the floor has a nice shine.  Great quality appearance without no maintenance so far.



Water based polyurethane floor finish designed for use on resilient floors provides a much better option.  A single coat of polyurethane floor finish can restore the original beautiful appearance and provide several more years of shine and protection without stripping, buffing or burnishing.