Save Money

Never Strip your floors again! No more buffing or burnishing!

Maintaining floors with conventional acrylic wax finishes is labor intense. The cost of frequent burnishing or buffing, periodically scrubbing and top coating, and annually stripping and refinishing floors adds up.

Performance Finish eliminates the cost of ongoing maintenance labor. Once applied Performance Finish provides a long lasting, beautiful shine that only requires routine cleaning to provide years of high quality appearance.

Annual savings of 30% or more!


New, Low Maintenance Floors for Less

While the notion of ‘maintenance free’ or ‘no finish’ floors is a fantasy, new generations of resilient flooring are available that require far less maintenance. In many cases these floor materials are pre-finished with a high performance finish that eliminates the need for application of conventional floor finishes as part of the installation and ongoing maintenance.

The premium pricing for these low maintenance floors is offset by the saving in maintenance labor of conventional finishes.

Performance Finish offers the best of both. Lower cost floor materials like VCT can be installed and finished with Performance Finish resulting in a low maintenance floor.

Save up to 40%!