Slip Resistant Floors

Prevent Costly Accidents With Our Slip Resistant Floor Finishing Solutions.

If you have commercial floors to maintain, you know how important it is to keep your staff, customers and visitors from slipping and falling. No matter what industry you’re in, avoiding accidents is probably among your top priorities. Here at Finish Line Floors, we can help.

Our non slip floor finishing solutions are perfect for any floor that could use some extra traction. Our slip resistant solutions are cost-effective, sanitary, safe and require virtually no maintenance. With simple cleaning the finish will provide years of attractive durability. Whether it is a shower, kitchen, operating room or any other high-traffic, hard-surface floor, our slip resistant finish will give your customers and employees the security they deserve.

Slip resistant surfaces can help prevent slip and fall accidents, even when the surface becomes wet. This economical solution can help you to avoid costly lawsuits.

We offer the best non slip finish in the business. Let us help you to maintain high safety standards in your establishment with our high-quality, long-lasting slip resistant floor finishing solutions!