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Low Maintenance Polyurethane Floor Finish – Performance Finish


Low Maintenance Floor Finish for College UniversityNever Wax or Strip your floors again! No more buffing or burnishing!

Interested in taking the hassle out of your high-traffic, hard-surface commercial floors? Here at Finish Line Floors, we have the tools and expertise to help you eliminate the need for waxing, burnishing, stripping and every other back-breaking floor care task. With simple mopping, our ultra-durable polyurethane floor finish will maintain its glossy shine year after year!

Performance Finish delivers a high-gloss protective coating that will outperform, outlast and outshine every other finish out there.
Sustainable Floor Finish for GovernmentPerformance Finish is stain resistant and has built in UV protection, which means it won’t yellow like traditional acrylic wax. Even better, Performance Finish has a shine that is equal to six or more coats of wax and lasts up to ten times longer without all the work!

Depending on traffic, the shine of our Performance Finish can last for years. If it does eventually lose its sparkle, there’s no need to panic. Our crew takes care of everything. We’ll simply screen the existing finish and apply a fresh coat to completely restore your floor’s previous luster.

Performance Finish is a superior alternative to wax no matter how you look at it.
Low Maintenance Floor Finish for College University

No Buffing! No Burnishing! No Stripping!

Eliminate Chemical Waste! Reduce Water Consumption! Lower VOC Emmissions!

Easier to Clean!

Saves Money!


Sustainable Floor Finish for HealthcareOur Floor Finish Outshines, Outlasts and Outperforms the Competition

If you have hard surface floors we have solutions to help them look better, last longer and cost less to maintain.

To learn more about Performance Finish or any of our floor finishing solutions,call us to arrange a brief onsite consultation.