Restroom Floors Fit For the President

A few years ago, while working on a facility in Maryland, one of our clients called us in a panic. We had been cleaning and restoring the restrooms for the National Institutes of Health when they received a call from the president.


Not the president of the company, the President of the United States.


We had completed many of the restrooms for them already, but President Obama gave them a 3-day notice that he was coming to tour their facilities and there were still a few rooms to complete. The area he was going to be in did not have our treatment.


Our client called  asking if we could complete the restrooms in the area he would use so it would be “presidential.”  We were booked out two weeks, but we rearranged the schedule and finished the floors just in time for a visit from the president. As an added bonus, all of our last minute work was completed under the watchful eye of the Secret Service.


President Obama toured the facility with finished floors completed with little time to spare. As a show of appreciation, our client at the National Institutes of Health wrote a letter about their experience working with us.


NIH After
National Institutes of Health floors after treatment

“I wanted to personally thank you for being able to accommodate the Clinical Center at such short notice in preparation for President Obama’s visit at NIH. I appreciate your being able to complete the work at the very last minute. Your team did a great job-they produced floors fit for the president.”

-Senior Administrative Officer, National Institutes of Health


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