Sustainability Solutions: Energy Conservation

One of the most vital solutions of sustainability is energy conservation. If your company is undergoing a push to become more sustainable, here are just a few solutions that can help cut back on your facility’s energy consumption.

#1. LightinSustainability Solutionsg

One of the easiest (and most effective) sustainability solutions for your workplace is to cut back on the facility’s energy consumed by lighting. There are many ways to cut back on your light energy, and most of them are fairly simple. If you want to avoid spending money to save energy, you can put up signs, or host a company meeting to instruct employees to turn off all light switches when light is not required. For example, if you’re the last person to leave a room in the office, turn the lights off! Another great way to cut back your light usages is to encourage workers to leave the blinds up and work in sunlight. Not only does this method provide a sustainable solution for your office’s energy consumption, but it also provides a comfortable, naturally lit workspace for you employees.

If your company is willing to spend some money on the effort, one way to quickly solve this issue is to install motion sensitive light switches all throughout the office. This way, even if employees forget to flip the switch off when they leave, the lights won’t stay on too long. Also, companies who want a solution to their sustainability efforts can install Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Light Emitting Diodes (CFLs and LEDs)  to replace their normal lights in the office. CFLs and LEDs consume far less energy, and they last far longer than conventional light bulbs.

#2. CliSustainability Solutionsmate Control

Another massive energy user is your office’s climate control system. If you’re looking for a great solution to save energy around the office, this avenue is another great place to start. The first thing to look for is any ways that the climate controlled air in your office can escape. If your AC or heat is leaking out of the building or workspace, your climate control system will have to work around the clock to maintain your desired temperature, which can, in turn, cost you loads of energy. Installing weather stripping around your doors and windows is a great way to keep a seal inside the office, and save you energy. This weather stripping can be bought for relatively low prices at your local home improvement store, they are fairly simple to install, and they will save you huge amounts of energy. Also make sure that if the AC is on, the windows and doors stay shut. One open window can drastically change the amount of energy it will take to cool your office for the day.

Another way to save energy with your climate control system is to keep an eye out for times when you don’t really need it. If your office building has access to large amounts of sunlight, you may not need to run the heater as often as you think in the colder months. Just leave the blinds drawn, and allow the sunlight to keep the facility warm. If it is a cooler or windier day in the summer, it might not be a bad idea to open some windows, and shut of the AC for the day.

One more thing to look out for is what office areas you are choosing to heat or cool. If your facility space includes a larger workshop or garage, it’s probably best to shut of the AC in that area, and install weather stripping on doors that lead there.

Lastly, one final way to keep the place cool without costing yourself loads of energy, is to buy cheap office fans. With the windows down and the usage of a few office fans to keep the air flowing, running the AC probably isn’t necessary to stay cool. These simple sustainable solutions can make a huge difference in your company’s energy consumption.

#3. Equipment

Finally, anSustainability Solutionsother extremely effective solution to your companies energy concerns is found the equipment used around the office. This includes printers, computers, scanners, internet and many more office machines. Newer devices are specifically designed nowadays to conserve the amount of energy that they use, so one way you can cut back, is to keep your hardware updated. If your office is full of older tools and electronics, it’s probably not a bad idea to investigate making some upgrades, because it will likely save you energy. Many devices include “energy saver” modes that limit the amount of energy that they consume around the clock. This is definitely something to look into when considering your sustainability targets and solutions.

Another way to limit the energy consumed in the office is to ensure that employees put their computers to sleep when they aren’t being used. Most computers can be set to sleep after a certain amount of time, so ensure that all office PCs are set to sleep after a reasonable amount of time idle. Also, you can instruct employees to turn off their monitors when they are doing work that is off the computer. It may not seem like much, but if all of your employees are making sure to keep their screens off when they don’t need them, it will make a massive difference.


Conserving energy around the office is a great solution to becoming sustainable, and hopefully now you’ve got a couple ideas that you can take back to your workplace and use to make a difference.